Which is what ultimately proved

That you had nothing

To do with this (the drowning) (A -- B) [i]


I went all the way round in search of the path [ii]

My bike on my shoulder like a Prada bag [iii]

It has gears and brakes [iv] which is how I can

Tell I stay in control 9 times out of 10 [v]


A taxi rolled down its windows at the traffic lights

Said it’s too deep to swim I’ll take my chances tonight

He corrected my English I said I’m trying my best

Light changed to amber I said thank you and left


I came because you said it’s your favourite location

Though it recently fell somewhat out of your favour

Someone bought out this land and put a fence all around [vi]

I bit my tongue and threw my bike over the wall to get down


The taxi driver told me to look out for a spot

Where packs of local lads go to drink and smoke pot

I was deep in the forest when I heard someone speak

They couldn’t see me yet so I threw a long stick


I was bruised when they found me I think I looked kind of funny

I had a bad shaving rash and a problem with boundaries

An illusion of distance all the bodies seemed bigger

Even than the estates a mere mile from here


The birds seemed tiny at first I haven’t eaten for days

My neck sore from the choke holds I could not look away [ix]

They tried to pin it on you because of the post-mortem

But I got here myself just to stave off the boredom


I kept pronouncing things wrong I came too close to the nest

The ducks pecked me and pecked me they were pure relentless

I can’t run in high heels you said these are just platforms [x]

One look into your mouth and I lost my own passport [xi]


I wore these bruises like jewels they were weighing me down

By that time you got bored turned to rainclouds [xii] and scrammed

The police van was parked by the old concrete bridge

I was busy imagining what it’d be like to have your kids


[i] In these endnotes, A and B refer to the two characters.

[ii] Walking all the way around this rather large reservoir would take about an hour.

[iii] “and she suddenly looks like she’s shot through with something like pain or maybe something else like maybe something by Versace” Bret Easton Ellis, Glamorama (2000)

[iv] B rides a fixie.

[v] “Knock me down nine times but I get up ten” Cardi B, Get Up 10 (2018)

[vi] The water treatment facility within the reservoir is cordoned off and peppered with dams. Steep descent. Swimming on Scottish Water grounds is strictly forbidden.

[vii] Two verses deleted.

[viii] Somewhere around this mark A gets into the water.

[ix] A genuine hazard whilst cycling but irrelevant here.

[x] Flashback to B asking A to walk upstairs backwards.

[xi] Or something. Something has been lost.

[xii] One of the original creation myths recounts that following the battle with demons, gods exited the scene as rainclouds.


Published as part of Of water: a ten-point system, a project by Arieh Frosh and To Whom This May Concern.

Chisenhale Studios
Friday 3rd August 2018
11am — 7.30pm, Artists’ Reading: 2pm

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