Romy Danielewicz

series of matinee radio shows produced for Withkin radio with Max Syedtollan


CRUSTIE WISDOM        28th June 2020

the radio show originally titled 'what happened when we got high and tried to talk about crustie wisdom / acid communism' except we're not (?) getting high. One and a half hour of premium content (mostly reading out facts about cucamelons).

No catchup option.


GORE SPECIAL       24th May 2020

unearthing archaeologies of blood n guts - tune in to find out what that ent(r)ails (ft. us & assorted metal bands)


FREE SMOKE       17th May 2020

Inflammatory fantasy ~ burning down the house with readings from ‘What it is to burn’ by Richard Maguire + tunes + considering incense + phone in: what should we set on fire?


LICHESS N CHILL       10th May

Chess special, incl. why ENFPs will never be good at chess while Garry Kasparov is a triple sag, chess and the anthropology of place, queen's gambit as venture capital, and morrrrreeeee


ADVICE COLUMN       24th April

Guest feature.


WHITE NOISE       23rd April

I am a big fan of this novel in fact and think there is so much in there to unpack at this point in time -- from the vague ominousness of the 'airborne toxic event' that besets the protagonists to notions of who is most affected by crises brought on by non-human agents to the nuclear beauty of sunsets at the outgoing end of what we know as 'the world'.


LOVE DECLARATIONS (aka love-bites™)       14th April 2020

long anticipated (mostly by myself). tune in to find out which of the classic 90s babymakers rnb tunes best represents your approach to risotto.

“We have commissioned Italy’s most sensuous chefs to produce these scrumptious love declarations for you to deliver to the person of your choice via the airwaves.”

Tags: Recipes for radical care / mouth feel of carbonara / collective repositioning of the culinary subject / in relation to meatball as meatball


CODES       13th April 2020

Largely incomprehensible show doubly themed around yoga & codes. Tune in for unnecessary wailing along to dolphin songs and chat about linden trees xxx


HOW-TO       10th April 2020

All the how tos: kickups, animal telepathy, banana bread (by phone-in request) and more.


CORONA ASTROLOGY       28th march 2020

Jessie and I discuss celeb responses to the current crisis through the lens of their star signs // car crash, cringe, controversy, clairvoyance? you tell me


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